Roll center adapter
 Roll center adapter

Roll center adapter

This can modify the arm position correctly in lowering car.

For extremely performing the original efficiency of suspension.

When the car height lowered,the car may be body roll easily because the roll center has changed.

If your car height is lowered , the angle of suspension arm becomes obtuse then the roll center is changed.The original efficiency of suspension can't perform fully in this condition when you drive.

However, the roll center is modified because this product can revise the suspension arm which has been lifted to the original position if your car fit this roll center. Thanks to this, you can decrease the time of body roll without stiff suspension.。 Also,the suspension efficiency can be performed extremely because the suspension structure can get back the original movement.

If your car fit thr roll center adapter,the car height is lower than now.(*Except for Skyline/toreno/levin.) We reccomend for guys are willing to lower the car lower than current car height.

  • Ball joint is desighed the exclusive use for eanh vehicles

    The durability can keep because this isn't pillow ball but ball joint. This can modify the wrong angle of tie-rod which is happened in being low-down car because the part of ball joint is long.

  • With bolts of attachment parts.

    You can install easily without adding purchase. You don't need time when you purchase adding items because the bolt is attachment but the genuine bolt length isn't enough.

  • The process of dularumin.

    The roll center adapter made from aluminum is processed to dularumin.This looks vivid then has anti-rust and anti-corrosion.。