Lightness can bring out the improvement of accelerator response

Although depending on each cars of course, the genuine flywheel is too heavy as about 10kg,because it pursues the durability and easy using. Our KTS' ultra light forging chromoly flywheel keeps the durability and is lighter than the genuine for 30%-40%,then has brought out good accelerator response.

If the flywheel becomes too light,the torque lowers significantly or the phenomenon happens like a engine stops suddenly. Also,the fluctuation of the engine rev becomes intense threfore the situation happens like a uncomfortable riding. Our KTS controls above situations as much as we can and set the well-balanced weight.

  • Installation picture

    This can correspond to the genuine clutch of course,because this figure is like a the genuine one.If your clutch is the genuine figure,this can correspond to other manufacturer's clutch.

  • Ultra light forging chromoly

    This is lighter than the genuine one for about 30%-40%,the weight changes depending on cars,because this uses ultra light forging chromoly. We can make this more light but we finish up the specification which the balance of torque feeling,idling and durability is well.

  • Clutch kit

    You can use our KTS original reinforcing clutch kit!! We sale 3 kinds of disk-these are non-asbestos,copper,metal. When you replace flywheel,let the clutch also replace together!! The detail here.