clutch kit
 Non-asbestos reinforced clutch kit

Non-asbestos reinforced clutch kit

High crimping clutch kit has the feeling like a genuine one has.

This is adopted the clutch cover of high crimping type.
You can use by the feeling which is similer to the genuine because this is non-asbestos disk.

[Specification] reinforced clutch cover + non-asbestos clutch disk

Copper reinforced clutch kit

Easy handle feeling can con-exist with the thermal resistance and the durability in sporty driving.

It can bring out the sports aspect like a metal and easy handling like a non-asbestos that the material of facing is made of copper (copper wire) and carbon.
The judder ,whicn is characteristic of the metal,decreases largely. This can more endure the disk curve which is occured by the kick of clutch pedal and so on.

[Specification] reinforced clutch cover +copper facing disk

Metal Non-Asbestos Reinforced Clutc

This brings out the light body and quick handling shift.

The lightness has come true by using the metal disk of 3 plates and the figure.This can bring out the quick shift work.Also the metal clutch has the superior transmission/durability/heat-resistance. This can accommodate from driving of circuit to driving of general road.

[Specification] reinforced clutch cover +metal clutch disk