High Rigidity Hollow Stabilizer

High Rigidity Hollow Stabilizer

This can decrease the amount of rolling without making suspension be solid.

The stable car posture can keep and the turning performance is improved when you drive at corner.

Ordinary when you drive at corner, the car is easy to become rolling because the gravity appears from lateral direction.The coilover with high specification use own function for turning corner because the movement change has to be controlled. As a result,the peak of speed at corner which your car has is lower than original specification has.

So,the stabilizer bears the general movement,which it controles the car posture and rolling,when the movement change happens at corner. This brings out the original performance of coilover which is lost for the control of car posture and rolling.

Especcialy when your car turns at corner in extreme condition,originally the car body leans because the stroke length of shock is too extended. However the stabilizer keeps the car body holizontal. This movement brings out the stabile car posture and increases the contact area of tires.As a result, suspensions movement can perform maximally in extreme condition.

This stabilizer can control the change of coilover's speciality minimally,can make the coilover's function perform maximally,can bring out the easy control and the speed-up of turning by the improvement of turning performance.

  • Lightness/High rigidity

    This stabilizer is adopted the hollow pipe which is light and elastic in contrast with the genuine one which is made from steel metal. The rigidity magnification is from 1.8 times to 2.4 times(setting depending on vehicles) in contrast with the genuine.

  • Attachment with the reinforced rubber stabilizer bush

    There is the reinforced rubber stabilizer bush which is exclusive use for the reinfoced stabilizer.

  • The exclusive desigh for each vehicles

    The rigidity magnification (thickness) is set after we measured prompt value each vehicles. Also in a part of vehicles,if the car not having the genuine parts at rear side,it can be fit after adding to the genuine parts.