Rear member rigid spacer&
Rear member rigid spacer

Rear member rigid spacer

This can control the curevature and twist of the genuine bush.

C shape type!!Easily fitting!! No need to press-fit.

It makes the bush be semi-rigidity that the genuine rubber bush is inserted between 2 aluminum spacers. This can control the characteristic curevature and twist of the genuine bush.

This is why, the car rolling at corner an be controlled and unstable moving is improved.Also you can control easily because start strugging is improved by the bush's semi-rigidity.

The genuine bush has comfortable riding and safety,so the direct response is modified when you step on the accelerator and turn the steering wheel.However what the bush is sandwiched beteween two spacers can bring about the car moving is changed directly as soon as you operate because the unnecessary moving of bush can be controlled and the losing differential power can be prevented.

Also,we reccomends this for the car having the deteriorated bush because this can bring about reinforcing the bush.This can be attached to your car without taking off the member because this shape is C type(except for TOYOTA viecles). You can get the easy fitting and refleshing of the car.


Rear Member Traction Spacer

The traction is placed importance. The drift specification.

This traction spacer can choose fitting place freely.

Traction spacer, which is fit to the genuine bush at rear axle, is the parts which control the rubber curvature.You can enjoy accelerator's operation having direct feeling and handling because a sense of unity in the body and rear menber is borned.

Also,you can choose the setting placing importance of traction or the setting of drift specification by the combination of big and small urethan spacers.

In the case of traction importance settiong, the spacer is fit on the member at front side and fit under the member at rear side in order to do the front to fall down.

In the case of drift specification,the spacer is fit under the member at front side and fit on the member at rear side in order to do the rear to fall down.