Hicas cancel rod

Hicas cancel rod

The futle movement of Hicas can be canceled.

The driving which is keeping drift angle and using grip extremely comes true.

Ordinaly in the case of the car having Hicas,when you turn the steer, rear tires move with front tires together.

This Hicas has a role as a preventing from rear sliding when you operate the steering rapidly.

However,this Hicas may be unnecessary in sporty driving because this modifies movement of tires more than necessary by the driver's operation.

Originally Hicas is the machine which controls the slide, so in the sporty driving the car moves to under direction fruquently,instead of being difficult to control by Hicas movement. Also the genuine rod is heavy,so the weight ratio becomes wrong.

In drifting time,because rear tires and front tires go to the same direction,drift angle is acute and doesn't be kept. Moreover in the driving needs to turn small like a Gymkhana,

However,it brings out the obedient movement that you take off the genuine Hicas then you attach the Hicas cancel rod.

  • Using light material

    The weight is approximately 0.73kg.It's desighed as lightness. The lightness of your car comes true by only replacing the genuine Hicas.

  • With attachment parts

    This pipe can fit to both axles of flare nut type and banjo type.

  • We have adopt rod type

    This can install easily like you take off the genuine Hicas and only fit this just as it is because we have adopted the rod type.