Auto levelizer link kit

This can fix the gap of optical axis in lowering car.?

This can fix the mistake of auto levelizer mechanism and can offer the correct optical axis.

Recently, the car having HID is equiped the auto levelizer mechanism which can adjust the optical axis automately.

In basic,this auto levelizer is installed like a connection for suspension arm and body.In case of lowering car height,auto levelizer which is installed with arm is also pushed up because the arm position raises depending on the lowering value.

In this condition,the sensor of auto levelizer will get a mistake and a field of vision will become too wrong because the sensor will adjust to lower the direction of optical axis by becoming the car posture of lower back.

This is why,if you attach the adjustable auto levelizer link to your car,it can modify the sensor position to correct by adjusting the position which link has moved.

  • The adjust range

    Attachment is 2 links as long and short.You can adjust to fit your car height by these.

  • Turn buckle type is adopted.

    You can adjust because this lot is turn buckle type.

  • Universal type

    This is NOT exclusive use for each car models but this is universal product.So,this can be used for wide kinds of car if the install figure and length are correct.