You can tune up in using the genuine inter-cooler.

This piping system is a set of inter-cooler piping. This can fit to the genuine inter-cooler and inter-cooler corresponding to the genuine piping of each manufacturer.

If you use the genuine resin pipe,you worry about the pipe's expansion or the possibility of being removed.However it can overcome the anxiety and bring out the lightness that you replace the genuine hose for aluminum pipe.It will improve the response and the exhaust that the layout of pipe is considered well.

You can tune up in using the genuine inter-cooler and reinforce around inter-cooler which is removed easily when the boost pressure is high.Also the stable boost pressure comes true because there are no expansion and collapse but the genuine resin pipe or hose can't prevent.

  • Changing the pipe

    It can prevent the expansion and collapse of pipe by intake pressure and decrease the intake resistance that the genuine resin pipe or hose is replaced aluminum one.This can bring out the stable boost pressure because the intake efficiency is improved.

  • Attachment hose

    This is attached with double layers hose for connection parts. This must be outstanding because this color is vivid blue. The expansion and contraction by intake can be controlled because this hose has double 2 layers.

  • The installation picture of BCRN33

    It can increase the effect still more that this item is combined with suction pipe and silicon radiator hose and so on.Also this can make the engine room dress up.