Decrease the engine trouble

A trouble peculiar to SR20DET engine is a breakage of a turbine line. Because the genuine turbine line is a metal pipe, the heat increased by tuning and vibration increased by exchange the underbody parts cause the breakage.

A high durability of stainless steel mesh can prevent the outbreak and reduce the engine trouble. Pipe made of stainless steel mesh has the flexibility and workability compared with the genuine line. It also prevent the trouble bending a genuine line at the time of the exchange such as EX manifolds.

  • Installation image

    Because the installation shape is like the genuine one, the necessary work for installation is just to remove the genuine line and to attach this product. Three pieces are prepared; oil line, water line inside and outside.

  • Combined sales possibility

    Not only the sale of the each piece only but also the sale for 3-piece set and the water line set.

  • Stainless steel mesh hose

    Stainless steel mesh hose is superior to a genuine line which is metal pipe in flexibility. The trouble that the line is broken or bends because of the vibration during driving or the maintenance is prevented.