This item can suppress the lurch of the engine and lower a gravity center of the car.

As for the engine, positions always move during a driving. For shock absorption, the tender rubber is used in the genuine engine mount. When sports running, because the position of the engine moves more than required with genuine tender rubber mount, it causes a horsepower escapes and a decline of the shift feeling at the time of the high turn.

Therefore KTS developed a reinforced engine mount made by reinforced urethane. This item can keep the position of the engine moves in a minimum by using reinforced urethane and introduce a horsepower into the drive system well. In addition, because E/G height adjustability is with it, you can lower the deployment position of the engine than genuine and lower a center of gravity.

  • With E/G height adjustability

    Two phases of adjustment; the same position as the genuine parts, and -15mm from the position of the genuine are realized by adjusting with a spacer made of reinforced urethane. You can lower a gravity center of a car.

  • Made of reinforced urethane

    This item can suppress the unnecessary movement of the engine and control the vibration of the engine handed down to a car in a minimum by being made of reinforced urethane. Not only the shift feeling but also the controllability of the car can be improved.

  • Figure of wearing

    The installation in the position that is -15mm from the genuine. The center of gravity of the vehicle is lowered and turning performance is improved in the cornering by lowering the position of the engine.