LOW DOWN大容量オイルパン
LOW DOWN大容量オイルパン


Quantity of engine oil is 1L increase

Stronger vertical and lateral gravity produced by circuit racing may cause deflection of the engine oil, circulate the oil irregularly, and finally cause your engine blow. To prevent such problem, we made engine oil capacity bigger by 1 liter and movable baffle plate reduced both oil irregular flow and the risk of engine blow. Aluminum forging also reduce the risk of engine blow caused by oil pan hollow.

[Specification]・Aluminum casting・With baffle plate・Sensor fitting hole×1 ( size: 1/8PT )

*Your oil pan installed in the same height. (The minimum height from ground remains unchanged.) *Please use the attached drain bolt for the item exclusive use. (Genuine drain bolt and any other drain bolts are not available.)
  • Comparison with the genuine

    The right: Genuine oil pan
    The left: KTS low down big capacity oil pan
    Engine oil quantity is improved 1L without changing the minimum height from ground. It prevents overheat.

  • Movable baffle plate

    Movable baffle plate put in the oil pan inside prevents deflection of the oil when the strong lateral gravity appears. It prevents adverse effects of the oil circulation.

  • Sensor fitting hole

    Because it has the sensor fitting hole of the 1/8PT size, the installation such as oil temperature sensor is possible easily. In addition, it’s available by blocking it up with attached blank plug when you do not use it.