You can change gear easily in non-stress by the improvement of the shift feeling.

Our KTS reinforced type mission mount is made of urethane has 90 rigidity.

The gear change can be improved remarkably because it can control the mission shake in driving and bring a sense of unity with car body that you replace the genuine mission mount to this item.

*If you replace to this item,the vibration and sounds which are from engine are easy to transmit.

  • Installation photo

    You can easy to install because this figure is like the genuine one. You can use only by replacing this item from the genuine mission mount.

  • Made of urethane(the rigidity is 90)

    This adopts the urethane of thickness 30mm. This design raises the rigidity more drastically than the genuine one. When the REV is high and you shift gear, the shake of mission can be controlled drastically.

  • Exclusive use installation bolt is attached.

    This item doesn't need times like a purchase of adding parts because the genuine bolt doesn't have enough length or processing bolt.