The movement stabilization and the improvement of power transmission efficiency.

The genuine mount uses soft rubber bush because it offers the comfortable riding, the shock absorption and the prevention of immediate braking.However in sporty driving, soft rubber bush causes furious movement of differential. Therefore the differential's function can't perform well. This makes the movement unstable in turning to curve and influences traction.

So it can control the raged differential that you use the KTS's differential mount and reinforce the differential.Also the stabilization and the movement transmission efficiency are improved drastically.

  • The deteriorated mount

    This is the deteriorated genuine mount which gushes oil. If the genuine mount has deteriorated such this,the differencial rages in driving. This causes suspicious sounds and troubles.

  • Urethane mount for NISSAN cars.

    It brings out the stable car movement that the raged differential,which can't be controlled by genuine rubber mount,is controlled.

  • Rigid mount for JZX100

    This is standard parts for JZX100.-Differntial member rigid mount. We reccomend users who want to drive sppedy because JZX100 cars have weak bush which connects differential and member.



Shilvia/Skyline: Front side

Have you heard like "bang-bang" around LSD when you drive in circuit? It can control the rubber bush that this item clamps the rubber bush at differential case by upper and lower. And this can prevent from the struggle of LSD case which happens in suddenly start or in changing gear of driving at circuit.(A set of 4 pieces.)