This which is 4 ply silicon hose has superior thermal resistance and durability.

This radiator hose uses 4 ply silicon hose and is incredible thermal resistance and durability. In sporty driving,the coolant which water temperature is 100 ℃ is flowed into radiator hose by water pressure which is above approximately 1.1km/cm2.

Radiator hose comes under pressure which is too high in ordinary driving. Also, water temperature and heat into engine room are left in severe environment which can't be compared with ordinary driving time.

In this severe environment,the genuine or deteriorated radiator hose bursts or leaks the coolant from connecting part,therefore these cause the rising of water temperature and the blowing of engine.

So,our KTS has developed silicon hose which has the thermal resistance and high durability and which is made of 4 ply silicon hose,because this can keep the car safety and stable driving.

Because this has a figure like the genuine hose which has been developed by car manufacturer for a long time, the thermal resistance and the durability have improved without reducing the efficiency of flow rate. Of course you can replace this easily because the installation is only replacing the genuine one for this.

The color is adopted vivid blue so this is suitable for the dressing up into engine room. Also,this is very reasonable item because this is a set of upper and lower hoses.