This can remove air and bring out the original ability of radiator.

If the air has occurred into radiator or coolant line, the lower the radiator ability is, the higher temperature is because of the air bubble.This becomes a factor of over heat,therefore the depression of engine power or the blow occurs.

It can remove the air which is mixed into coolant of radiator that your car installs this radiator breezer tank. This can bring out the original ability of radiator. We have lined up the exclusive use item for RX7/FD3 except for general-purpose article.

  • Product specification
    [general-purpose article]

    Capacity:550cc Height:170mm Width:70mm
    When you install this,you need other Radiator Hose Attachment[water temperature adapter] which has sencer pitch 1/8PT.

  • Attachment

    The general-purpose item has attachments like a silicon hose because this is used for installation of many cars.

  • The exclusive use item for RX7/FD3S

    The genuine breezer tank is easy to break.If this has been broken,the engine may receive fatal damage. Our KTS has prepared the replacement item which is exclusive use for RX7/FD3S.