The improvement of tank strength and the dressing up of engine room.

The genuine resin reservoir tank has low durability, therefore this tank may be broken by shocking to car body or by deterioration.KTS has developed aluminum reservoir tank which can be installed keeping the genuine figure for providing the safety driving.

The installation is easy because you just remove the genuine tank then only install this. Also,it can dress the engine room up that the tank is replaced aluminum one.

  • Installation image

    This is the image picture which is installed to 180SX. You can make the engine room cool-dress-up only by replacing for the aluminum tank.

  • The level gauge

    This is with the lavel gauge which can indicate the quantity of coolant into tank. This is fit to cars and set on the position where you can check easily.

  • The figure like a genuine

    You can install this item easily because this is designed as exclusive use depending on kinds of cars and adopted the genuine figure.You can install this without moving the genuine hose.