Aluminum Radiator Upper Hose

This can improve the circulation efficiency of your car coolant and make your car dress up.

It can prevent from heat expansion and hose's crush that the change from rubber hose to aluminum hose,threfore the coolant can circulate efficiently. If you set the other manufacturer's meter,you don't worry about the place of the sensor setting because this has the hole of water temperature sensor for 1/8th pt. Also this radiator hose is made of aluminum, so this is very light and outstanding.This can make a hood dress up effectively.

  • The blue hose(s) is(are) attached.

    2 layer hose(s) for a part of connection is (are) attached. This must be outstanding because of vivid color.
    The quantity is different from depending on the kind of cars.

  • The hole of water temperature sensor.

    You can install the water temperature sensor without processing because this item has 1/8th PT hole of water temperature sensor. If you don't need to use,you don't worry about this hole because the screw for hiding hole is also attached.

  • Hose Band

    You can install without adding-purchase because the hose band ,which is suitable size for aluminum radiator upper hose, is attached.