We improved stiffness of both lengthwise and crosswise direction to the limit.

A usual tower bar improved body reinforcement by connecting right and left of an upper mount. It's possible to sense improvement of the body stiffness which couldn't be the former tower bar by connecting not only right and left of an upper mount but also Super Tower bar to balk-head in the engine compartment.

Because body stiffness of genuine FD3S isn't that good, many drivers may feel body twist, escape of the horsepower, little of the information transmitted from the ground, and lack of a feeling of grounding at the time of high speed run.

Super tower bar improve body stiffness remarkably by connecting suspension with body, and connecting right and left side of the body in the engine room. By eliminating the body twist at the time of drive, it can decrease an escape of horsepower and increase the information amount transmitted from the ground.

The super tower bar to see in the engine room is effective in a dress-up. The blue frame you can see when you open the bonnet creates the engine room rally beautiful.

※For installation the perforator processing of the body may be necessary, for instance, because of the distortion of the vehicle.

スーパータワーバー リア


Reduction of twist and the distortion of the rear.

We have realized the stiffness improvement which is several times compared with a usual tower bar by connecting not only right and left side of the body but also with the floor. Front and rear super tower bar set-use helps realize extra body stiffness and greatly decrease the body twist and metal fatigue.

The driver who feel lack of traction and unstable behavior that is peculiar to the hatchback because of the lack of rear stiffness isn't little. The normal tower bar was not able to withstand the power of complicated direction conveyed by the ground or the driver’s operation, because it only connects upper mount.

Like a following image, super tower bar connects strut interval, the floor, and sideways so it can show stiffness several times more than a normal tower bar.

The improvement of body stiffness leads to cancellation of the lack of traction and the unstable movement when the cornering.

スーパータワーバー リア取り付け
  • The exclusive design for FD3S

    Super tower bar improve the stiffness of the lengthwise and crosswise to the maximum.
    (There is the case that vehicle side processing is necessary for to attach it.)

  • The vivid blue frame

    The vivid blue painting is really suitable for a dress-up. It displays beautifully inside the engine room and the hatchback.

  • With the parts necessary for installation

    The bolts and nuts necessary for installation are attached. They corresponds to a vehicle which needs processing.